Rumson’s Scores in Ultimate Spirits Competition!

May 15, 2016

Hawthorne, NY (April 11, 2016) – Ultimate Spirits Challenge®, the world’s platinum standard for spirits competitions, proudly announces the winners and full results for the just-completed 2016 Challenge. Ultimate Spirits Challenge (USC), now in its seventh year, celebrates 40 Chairman’s Trophy winners, USC’s highest award of excellence, along with 157 Finalists. Ultimate Spirits Challenge was held at the specially designed Ultimate Beverage Challenge Evaluation Center in Hawthorne, NY.

We are pleased to share with you your results for the 2016.


Score                    Product

finalist95 95       Finalist     Rumson’s Grand Reserve Rum

finalist9393       Finalist     Rumson’s Spiced Rum

8888                          Rumson’s Rum

8888                          Rumson’s Coffee Rum



mai-tai-4Rumson’s Rum – 4 Stars – Mai Tai

mai-tai-3-5Rumson’s Grand Reserve Rum – 3.5 Stars – Mai Tai



Says UBC founder and USC judging chairman F. Paul Pacult, “One of the many advantages of having our own year-round facility is that instead of having to judge hundreds of spirits entries over a couple of days like other competitions do, we can, by design, break each category down into smaller flights. This means that USC judging panels can focus on each flight with greater in-depth attention and analytical precision, resulting in truer, more accurate assessments.


Additionally, USC’s inclusion of cocktail evaluations in suitable categories allows the judges to assess each spirit’s “mixability factor” in appropriate classic cocktails. This groundbreaking innovation, employed by no other competition, allows even deeper evaluation. And, the hyper-focus allows USC to provide the most trusted, useful, extensive and authoritative data to help companies build their spirits brands.”


All products are rated on the 100-point scale by the spirits industry’s most renowned judges including award-winning authors, buyers, journalists, educators and bar owners. The judges for USC 2016 included: Founder/Judging Chairman F. Paul Pacult, Jeff Bell, Jacques Bezuidenhout, Tad Carducci, Gregg Glaser, Don Lee, Francis Schott, Joaquin Simo, Andy Seymour, Paul Tanguay and David Wondrich.


All spirits rated 80 points and higher have an individual results page (accessed by clicking on “more” next to the product name) which provides all downloadable marketing materials for the product, including icons, shelf-talkers (where applicable) and a bottle image for easy consumer identification. Spirits rated 85 points and higher receive a tasting note on their individual page. If a spirit is recommended for the category’s assigned classic cocktail, it is also indicated on this page.


USC results are promoted globally via email and web publication to both trade buyers and consumers. In addition, high scoring products are featured in the Ultimate Beverage Challenge Guide published each year in the October issue of Beverage Media publications reaching more than 70,000 on- and off-premise spirits buyers.

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