More Consumer Feedback.

October 22, 2015

More great consumer feedback to share:

“I wanted you to know that we conducted a blind taste test with 10 consumers with 10 better sipping rums and your (Rumson’s) Grand Reserve scored the highest and was a unanimous #1 by all ten attendees.

The Protocol:
10 people (5 Women and 5 Men)
Judgment of 0-4 in 4 categories : a) Nose, b) Body, c) Taste, d) Finish

1) Rumson Grand Reserve – 135.75pt
2) El Dorado 15 Year Old Special Reserve – 126.25pt
3) Zacapa 23 Gran Reserva – 126.0pt
4) Papa’s Pillar 24 – 121.5pt
5) Barbancourt Reserve du Domain 15yr. – 118.5pt
6) Gosling Family Reserve Old Rum – 111.0pt.
7) Don Q Gran Anejo – 106.6pt
8) Chairman Reserve – 98.5pt
9) Appleton Estate Extra 12 yo – 96.75pt
10) Plantation 20 YO Anniversary – 89.25pt

Ryan at Julio’s Liquors put this together with me. He insisted on Rumson’s (Grand Reserve) saying it would be a big surprise and it was.

I love your business model; the best of the best, with American ingenuity.

Keep up the good work and look for a sales spike,


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