Consumer Feedback

March 19, 2015

By Roger Crawford

“Let me congratulate you on a job well done with your rums.

I truly believe that timing is everything in life. Last week I walked into the right liquor store when I was very much in the mood for a taste of just the right rum. Your offer of samplings of your different rums was wonderful. You see, I have a serious fondness for the finer rums of the Caribbean, having lived in Barbados and travelled about many of the other islands in the 70’s, and likely spilled more fine dark rum on my surfing and sailing shorts than most people will drink in a lifetime! Maybe I shouldn’t be proud of that?

Leaving the liquor store with a new bottle of Rumson’s has given me an alternative to attacking that last precious ounce of 30 year old Mount Gay, aged in one of the original barrels used in 1703 at the first Mount Gay distillery ($130 a bottle!) that is in my “medicine cabinet”.

I had some folks over the house last night for a dinner party and doled out little eclectic shot glasses with your fine Rumson’s in each for a tasting after the meal. I report that most had a little “seconds”, and in keeping with my tradition of lack of modesty when in the proximity of good dark rum, I confess I exceeded that mark.

So you have at least one fan here in Marshfield so far, and hopefully more to come. I will spread the word liberally, and pour the rum generously now that I know there’s more to be had.

Thank you,

Roger Crawford”

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